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Find the best local plumber in your area.  This website offers a listing of some select Plumbers through out Canada and the USA only.  Not every plumber qualifies to be in the Heroic Plumbers directory.

The plumbers we’ve listed below are all licensed and insured plumbers who have demonstrated an exceptional commitment to customer service and knowledge of their trade.  When a plumbing problem strikes you don’t just need a plumber, you need a Hero and HeroicPlumbers.Com can connect you with a Plumbing Hero in your area!

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Septic Tank Services.  Canada has many rural towns and cities where residents rely on septic systems to handle waste water.  Septic systems must be cleaned and pumped out at regular intervals, usually every 2-5 years in order to maintain their efficiency.

Island Pro Septic – Septic Pumping in Victoria BC and Sidney BC.  Island Pro Septic specializes in septic and waste water pumping from septic tanks, holding tanks and marine and RV applications, serving Southern Vancouver Island including Sidney, Victoria, Saanich and Colwood.