Energy Efficient Hot Water Solutions For Your Home.

Energy Efficient Plumbing Upgrades.

Everyone seems to want to be environmentally conscious these days and lessen their families impact on our planet, and also the impact their utility use has on their wallet!  With all of the hype and marketing out there is there really ways the average household can make a noticeable difference in their consumption.

The short answer is Yes, Definitely.  The long answer is a little more detailed and requires a few explanations as well.

If you have a modern built home (let’s say within the last 1-10 years) then you may have already implemented some of these suggestions.  For those of you with an older home, just looking for some energy efficient upgrades then these suggestions will be perfect for you.  This list leans heavily on hot water heating solutions as that is the area where most households consumer their power.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters essentially deliver hot water on demand, the moment you need it.  The general idea is that it saves a lot of energy because you’re no longer paying to store a large amount of hot water (and continually heat it).  With a tankless hot water solution you are only heating the water as you need it.  These systems are generally easy to install for a certified plumber but as you move into the natural gas and propane models things can get a little more complex and it’s strongly recommended you deal with a professional plumber who has experience with tankless hot water systems.

How Much Do Tankless Hot Water Heaters Cost?

To have a tankless hot water heating system installed in your home, the average pricing would be between $800 – $1500 obviously depending on the model and the amount of work required to install in your home.

How Much Will You Save?

That really depends on how much hot water your household uses but the average household could expect savings in the $100-$300 range if you are replacing an electric hot water tank.  You can also look into energy rebates that might be available in your area as often tankless hot water heater upgrades are included so you can potentially pay your tankless hot water heater off faster.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar hot water is becoming more popular for homeowners who can take advantage of the sun.  Obviously, a little more complex than installing a new hot water heater you will need to have solar panels installed on your home, along with the proper piping, hot water tank and pressure system to make it all work.  If you’re living off the grid then this might be the perfect option for you.  If you just want to have one of the most energy efficient homes in your neighborhood then it’s a great solution, although probably the most expensive.

How Much Do Solar Hot Water Heaters Cost?

Solar water heating is probably the most expensive hot water heating option available to homeowners today and a good ballpark figure would be $10,000 or more for a system to be installed in your home.

How Much Will You Save?

For the average american family of 4 located somewhere in central North America you could expect to save approximately $300 annually over your electrically heated water.  For most homeowners, this is simply not a fast enough return to warrant it’s practical use.  However, if you’re building a cabin, or intend to be living off-the-grid then this is going to be one of the investments you’ll need to make in your lifestyle.

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